Demo Chronos


Features that you’ll love

  • Complex

    Supports all local options and customs

  • Legal compatibility

    In accordance to your labour legislation

  • High flexibility

    Access from any device

  • Physical availability

    Connect with any terminal

Our Chronos time and attendance system includes

Unlimited number of employees & high-quality support

The system allows you to record the attendance of an unlimited number of employees.

Our customer support team will always be quick and efficient in resolving your issues, be they technical or user-specific.

Attendance recording

Chronos enables you to record attendance directly through a virtual terminal in the system interface, or integrate it with a physical terminal of your choice. It might even be the one you’re using currently.

Comprehensive overviews

Already the basic employee profile provides you with a user-friendly, yet comprehensive, overview of the most important statistics and information regarding both their daily and monthly attendance. In addition to statistics compared with monthly optimums, Chronos also provides useful charts to give you the idea of scale.

Easy to install

The simplest solution you can imagine: we can install Chronos on our cloud. We will get the server running, install the attendance system and give you the access as soon as possible. Plus, we take care for regular updates so that you can focus at what you’re good at.

Use and edit the data

Chronos allows manual log editing whenever needed. View and edit all the terminal entries – and at the end of every month, it’s ready for month-end closing.

…and much more!

Already in its basic version, the system is able to integrate with AD (LDAP) as well as with the MoneyS3 accounting application. We can integrate Chronos with various types of hardware terminals. And we’re expanding the app’s functionality as we speak.

  • Chronos: Current version
  • Free 0
  • Employee profile
  • Comprehensive overviews (statistics, charts)
  • Employee attendance overviews with manual editing
  • Differentiates basic categories: Employee, Manager, Admin
  • Full attendance management in accord with the labour regulation
  • Month-end closing
  • Easy export of data to .pdf, .xls as well as .doc
  • High degree of compatibility with PCs, tablets and cell phones