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Why we educate

  • Schools only provide students with theoretical knowledge
  • A graduate is not ready for the real life
  • We do not offer one time courses but rather regular courses
  • We teach the basics of the most commonly used languages – Java and Python
  • Students work according to methodology and procedures which are used by the majority of IT companies
  • At the end of the course, it is easier to find an employment, while the best will be granted a job with us

Secondary schools

  • We have been cooperating with the SPS Jozefa Murgasa in Banska Bystrica since 2014
  • We organize two courses for students of Information and network technologies
  • They acquire basic skills in the Python and Java programming languages
  • Students participate in these courses voluntarily in their free time


  • In 2015, we signed a declaration of cooperation with the Matej Bel University
  • We are opening two voluntary subjects at the college of information technologies
  • Programming in Python for the third year students
  • Programming in Java for the first year students of the masters programme
  • Students can get creditcs for these subjects if they sign up for them
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