Meet Miroslav Miklus – @ ONS 2018

Miroslav Mikluš is the vice president of engineering department at

Since he has had graduated from Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Miroslav had almost two decades of Information Technologies experience mainly in the Slovak Republic tech companies with titles as Director of Engineering, Head of Information Technology Services division, Senior Technical Leader, etc.

He started his career as a software developer and had climbed many steps of the tech industry to reach where he is now.

Miroslav has helped to develop and deliver dozens of successful software developments and integration projects mostly for the computer networking industry.

He loves to play basketball and running.

You might remember him from the last Open Networking Summit North America with his presentation named ‘Ligato as a Golang integration platform of a BGP daemon with VPP.”

Miroslav will be representing the silver sponsor of Open Networking Summit Europe which is going to take place on Sep 25-27 in Amsterdam. Be sure to be there to meet with him in person in’s booth #14 or the on 5k Fun Run on September 26.


Press Release for #ONS2018

Pantheon Technologies is looking forward to showcasing the latest software developments at #ONS2018

From one summit to another. We will be at the Open Networking Summit in Amsterdam on 25-27 September. Come and find us in the event to talk over a cup of coffee about the exciting improvements.


We have been working hard since the last ONS. It will be worth your time when you hear the new software developments.

  • will prove its compatibility with the latest version of OpenDaylight Fluorine.
  • UI; Network Topology Visibility Component. The component enables you to visualize any topology on any device with a web browser.
  • is a radio access network (xRAN) ready. We will show you how the SDN SDK is making its way to xRAN.
  • We have replaced OpenDaylight (ODL) by in ONAP’s SDN-C component.

The Linux Foundation Networking Fund (LFN) community will get together once again on 25-27 Sep in Amsterdam in industry’s premier event Open Networking Summit gathering enterprises, service providers and cloud providers across the ecosystem to share learnings, highlight innovation and discuss the future of Open Source Networking including SDN, NFV, orchestration and the automation of cloud, network and IoT services.

“Pantheon Technologies has made rapid advancement in developing comprehensive software solutions that will continue to set new industry standards for the future of the Open Source revolution and innovation,” said Robert Varga, CTO at

Pantheon Technologies is a Software Research & Development company located in Bratislava, Slovakia focusing strongly on network technologies and development or improving the software with over 15 years of experience. All aspects of OpenDaylight MD-SAL, YANG Tools, clustering, NETCONF, RESTCONF, SNMP, OpenFlow, BGP, PCEP, to contribute our expertise in these key areas. The Linux Foundation is leading the way with open source projects and we look forward to helping speed up development of open source networking technology with our proven record entry to associated project OpenDaylight, our work will leverage and shape the Open Source Networking revolution.


Membership in Canada Chamber of Commerce

We are more than happy to announce that has joined forces with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce! We believe that this membership in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce will assist us in our future business and cultural activities. Canada here we come!

Basic activities of Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) are support of business activities between Canada and Slovakia, development of cultural relations and assistance in the field of education. We believe that this membership in the CCC will assist us in fulfilling your business and cultural activities. With this membership hopes to bring better solutions to our customers.

The principal mandate of the CCC is to advance policy issues with the federal government that create an environment favourable to business growth and prosperity.Through our national network of over 450 chambers of commerce and boards of trade, they represent 200,000 businesses of all sizes and from all sectors. As Canada’s largest and most influential business association, CCC are the primary and vital connection between business and the federal government.

From peer-to-peer networking events to professional development sessions, from business leader roundtables to policy committees, the CCC offers us plenty of opportunities to get involved in activities that will allow us to grow professionally as well as influence policy and decision-making to help us grow as a company.

In a digital economy, growth means being connected. This will only work if you have great business partners.


Pantheon Technologies has recently developed the SDN SDK –

We have designed to empower you to develop Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions in JAVA, Python and Go. aims to make ODL components
available outside Karaf to gain speed, flexibility and scalability for developers and users. It also contains new southbound plugins, which are not available in upstream ODL, enhanced modules of ODL and various developer tools.

Initial tests revealed that has the capacity to outperform standard ODL in many ways. To top it all, one can still switch between “vanilla” ODL distribution/build and build seamlessly.

Some of the great highlights of are:

  • works on JavaSE instead of Karaf OSGi container server, which enables SDN developers to use ODL services in JavaSE frameworks (latest versions of, google Guice, Vertx, etc.)
  • is a great platform for building SDN micro service controller applications thanks to its low memory requirements and distribution size with blazing-fast start-up time.
  • uses ODL’s mature components and features like YANG tools, MD-SAL, NETCONF, and clustering, and adds Pantheon’s value to the mix.
  • controller applications implement their own initialization sequences in order to run the same core services available in ODL, but in a speedy runtime.
  • contains network topology visualization component to enable you to develop responsive and scalable front-end network visualizations effortlessly, which can be accessed by any device with a web browser.

We are continuously enhancing package by adding exciting features so our valued customers can use and get support for immediately. We have done the hard work so you do not have to re-invent the wheel. Use, today.
For more information, please visit, by Pantheon Technologies