ODL Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen on AWS

Pantheon Technologies` latest version releases of OpenDaylight Carbon v3.0, Nitrogen v2.0, and Oxygen v2.0 are now available for you in Amazon Market Place. As Pantheon Technologies, we do recommend using the latest ODL release due to performance improvements and security fixes. Oxygen is the latest version of the ODL platform at the moment. We still provide an access to previous releases, should you need to test the migration path.

ODL is the largest open source SDN controller

Shaping the future computer networking in the SDN revolution and Pantheon Technologies is proud to be one of the major contributors to the ODL platform. Its code has already been integrated or embedded in many international vendor solutions. The core of the ODL  platform is the Model-Driven Service Abstraction Layer (MD-SAL). ODL is modular open platform and currently supporting over a billion subscribers  around the world with over a thousand developer and has the ability to configure, manage and automate networks of any size and scale. As the ever-growing need for SDN broadens, ODL is quickly evolving and continuously adopting thanks to its strong community support.