Press Release for #ONS2018

Pantheon Technologies is looking forward to showcasing the latest software developments at #ONS2018

From one summit to another. We will be at the Open Networking Summit in Amsterdam on 25-27 September. Come and find us in the event to talk over a cup of coffee about the exciting improvements.


We have been working hard since the last ONS. It will be worth your time when you hear the new software developments.

  • will prove its compatibility with the latest version of OpenDaylight Fluorine.
  • UI; Network Topology Visibility Component. The component enables you to visualize any topology on any device with a web browser.
  • is a radio access network (xRAN) ready. We will show you how the SDN SDK is making its way to xRAN.
  • We have replaced OpenDaylight (ODL) by in ONAP’s SDN-C component.

The Linux Foundation Networking Fund (LFN) community will get together once again on 25-27 Sep in Amsterdam in industry’s premier event Open Networking Summit gathering enterprises, service providers and cloud providers across the ecosystem to share learnings, highlight innovation and discuss the future of Open Source Networking including SDN, NFV, orchestration and the automation of cloud, network and IoT services.

“Pantheon Technologies has made rapid advancement in developing comprehensive software solutions that will continue to set new industry standards for the future of the Open Source revolution and innovation,” said Robert Varga, CTO at

Pantheon Technologies is a Software Research & Development company located in Bratislava, Slovakia focusing strongly on network technologies and development or improving the software with over 15 years of experience. All aspects of OpenDaylight MD-SAL, YANG Tools, clustering, NETCONF, RESTCONF, SNMP, OpenFlow, BGP, PCEP, to contribute our expertise in these key areas. The Linux Foundation is leading the way with open source projects and we look forward to helping speed up development of open source networking technology with our proven record entry to associated project OpenDaylight, our work will leverage and shape the Open Source Networking revolution.