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Pantheon Technologies provides commercial supported distribution of Honeycomb, part of the FD.io project. We offer Honeycomb’s pre-packaged version, which is ready to be installed in the Linux distribution of your choice, as well as VM images with pre-packaged installation of Honeycomb and VPP. Honeycomb is a generic NETCONF/RESTCONF Java-based management agent, which provides a framework for building specialized agents.

Using features and utilities from various OpenDaylight projects such as YANG Tools, controller, MD-SAL and NETCONF, the Vector Packet Processor is Honeycomb’s biggest use case. SDN controllers such as OpenDaylight can be integrated with Vector Packet Processor via Honeycomb’s management agent.


We offer ready to go Sysrepo-based off-the-shelf solutions together with support and consulting. As an open source project providing YANG-based datastore functionality for Unix/Linux applications, Sysrepo ensures consistency of the data stored in datastore. It can be easily integrated into management agents such as NETCONF or RESTCONF via the API used by applications.

OpenDaylight Solutions

Although Pantheon Technologies’ engineers have years of experience with OpenDaylight projects, they do not only work on on-demand products. We also have several off-the-shelf products up our sleeve. They came to life as the result of tackling particular gaps and needs in the OpenDaylight environment, which we have identified. We offer these products as finalized packages either in a form of contribution to open source, or as transfer of rights to our customer.

ODL Professional Services

Pantheon Technologies is a provider of professional services for OpenDaylight. With the skills we have developed over many years, we offer consulting, managed services and outsourcing as well as hosting. While keeping our support timely, professional and high quality, our team of ODL experts can help you with all aspects of OpenDaylight development. Be it core projects support such as MD-SAL, YANG Tools, clustering, north- & south-bound plugins such as NETCONF, RESTCONF, SNMP, OpenFlow, BGP, PCEP and others, or applications built on top, such as the Visibility Package.

We provide our customers with services in design, architecture, planning, code profiling, performance improvement, code review, automated test development, issue analysis, bug fix and many more. Having actively participated in all OpenDaylight’s life cycle stages, we can provide customers with the best solutions for their use cases, with high quality planning and execution.

Pantheon Technologies actively participates in OpenDaylight design forums, where we help designing the future of OpenDaylight. Thus, we ensure that our solutions and client consultancies are future-proofed.


The purpose of the SNMP southbound plugin (SSB) is to provide ODL applications with the ability to communicate with SNMP devices using the SAL layer, provided by MD-SAL. It also provides supporting tools and utilities, such as translating MIB files to YANG models, together with trap support. Support for clustering is included, enabling load distribution (scaling up) across clustered environment, as well as ensuring its high availability.

Visibility Package

Visibility package is a software component used to gather and visualize network topology data from different networks, network management systems and cloud orchestrators.

For a better visibility with features such as

  • single and multilayer topology visualization
  • topology templates
  • device information gathering
  • device configuration
  • inventory control
  • monitoring of link and interface utilization
  • device console access
  • clustering support
  • scheduled actions
  • AAA
  • fault tolerance

Support of various southbound plugins

Standardized southbound interfaces and commonly used management protocols

  • SNMP
  • SSH

Visibility Package Integrations

Visibility Package integrates several networking technologies such as FD.io, VPP and Honeycomb. The Visibility Package also utilizes OpenDaylight SNMP and NetConf southbound plugins.

Telemetry and Time series data from managed networks may be stored in Elasticsearch and visualized in Kibana or forwarded to Kafka for further processing by the PNDA cluster.

MD-SAL Queries

Provides MD-SAL search queries, so that MD-SAL users don’t need to read all data and filter them in the application. They’re provided with a subset of the data, based on the search query.

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