WE know the future of the Evolution


Our team of highly skilled developers are exactly the people you would want to work on reaching your project goals. We have experience which, combined with striving for the most effective use of agile approach, was the force behind some of the 21st century technologies.

Our skills with network solutions, software defined networking, internet of things and network functions virtualization qualify us for handling your IT projects with utmost competence.

Pantheon Technologies has the advantage of great talent and years’ worth of experience in SDN. We have seen the world of SDN evolve from OpenFlow to what it represents today. We’ve participated in IETF standardization process on various different network-related technologies and protocols.

Engineers in Pantheon are working on every aspect of the game – from orchestration frameworks and applications through network protocols implementation down to the implementation of agents on network elements (being embedded systems and more open ones, as well as on proprietary systems or open source Linux). In other words, we can code everything: from fast packet processing to software orchestration of huge networks.

Following are some of those projects we’ve participated in which when joined together form strong proponent of fast open networking system which can be deployed on commodity hardware.


  • One of the most important open source projects at the moment
  • Defines the way networks and the Internet will work in the future
  • Almost 37% of ODL source code comes form Slovakia


  • Accelerates NFV and SDN solutions
  • Focused on data IO speed and efficiency
  • More flexible and scalable networks and storage


  • Provides YANG-based datastore functionality for Unix/Linux applications
  • Ensures consistency of data stored in the datastore
  • Apps can use Sysrepo’s C-language API to enter their configuration
  • Can be easily integrated with management agents such as NETCONF or RESTCONF using the API used by applications


Network Functions Virtualization

  • Replaces hardware devices with software within a network as a part of SDN
  • Therefore, network functions do not need designated hardware but they can work, for example, on clouds, or as software
  • Hence, the network becomes easy to maintain and all its parameters can be easily set up through an application
  • NFV lowers the running costs and complexity of the whole network


  • Open source platform for products using NFV
  • The main aim is to make the spread of NFV faster
  • The Pantheon’s task is to work on integration and testing

The future

  • there are 6 billion devices connected to the Internet today
  • it has been estimated that this number will rise to 21 billion in the next 4 years
  • this growth will be caused by various devices, for example, in households (so called „Internet of Things“)
  • in order to keep communication flexible and stable, not only powerful hardware is needed but also optimal software connections are necessary
  • that is what we are here for, we optimise this process and we dictate new standards in communication between devices

Internet of things and Internet of everything

  • Imagine a world where everything is interconnected
  • A world where an Internet network can direct traffic, control street lights, or notify you about running low on certain goods, even perhaps automatically order them, based on the current demand and stock
  • Many devices will constantly exchange data between each other
  • Our aim is to be ready for it and optimize networks so that they can handle the data flow

Software-defined networking SDN

  • A network is no longer a collection of cables and devices
  • Our task is to replace as much hardware as we can with software
  • We do not have to send a guy to the customer to setup his network


Internet Society

  • Is an international organisation we are a Professional Memeber of
  • It makes sure the Internet is open, transparent, and defined by the user
Internet society

The Internet Engineering Task Force – IETF

  • Organization, which sets the standards in communication between devices
  • Consists of experts who provide a solution to a specific issue in a form of draft
  • If the solution solves the problem, it is released to production


For the development of our prototype softwares we use the latest, top-level technologies. These allow us to follow the processes of software development from the start to the very end.

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