YANG Catalog: Making models work together

With YANG establishing itself as the standard modeling language of choice, the industry hit a speed bump. Although the entire industry develops YANG models, we lack a way to ensure they will work together in order for operators to automate coherent services.

The problem was, as the IETF blog elaborates, tackled at Internet Engineering Task Force’s IETF 98 Hackathon by a group of ten-ish enthusiasts, including Pantheon Technologies’ Miroslav Kováč, via integrating tools around a YANG catalog.

The idea behind the catalog is to become a reference for all available YANG modules, serving both the YANG developers as well as operators. The catalog should also provide metadata on YANG models, offering information on module implementation, availability of open-source code and possibly much more.

Compared to a Github repository, added value of the YANG catalog resides in the toolchain and the additional metadata, more about which you’ll find in the IETF article.

Martin Firák