We are a Research & Development company, focusing on the research
of network technologies and development of software prototypes

We are Evolution

in research and software development.
Purely Slovak company with customers in Silicon Valley.
We supply our products and services to the largest players in the networking business.


Our work

  • prototypes of complex solutions for large companies
  • technologies in the networking and data communication sphere
  • we design complex processes all the way from protocols to implementation
  • the results of our work set global standards
  • large cooperation on OpenDaylight

Our clients

Since Pantheon Technologies focuses on development of prototype software and software solutions, all our projects are bound by the non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Even though our clients are important players in networking sphere in the Sillicon Valley, we work purely with Slovak know-how, which we provide to customers world-wide through various projects in the USA. For example, we cooperate on one of the largest open-source projects at the time – ODL. In fact, after the second version, we were the second largest contributor.

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