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Standalone Tools

Standalone tools, built for working with YANG models or simulating NETCONF devices to estimate network capabilities. Free, open-source, developed by us.


This IntelliJ plugin adds support for validating YANG files. Developers and enthusiasts will have the option to validate their YANG files before deployment. Apps based tools, which provide you with a set of individual components to test software-defined networking. Free, open-source, developed by us.


The RESTCONF-NETCONF application allows to easily initialize, start & utilize the most used OpenDaylight services and add custom business logic. Components include:

  • Controller provides core OpenDaylight services, which are required for other services or plugins.
  • RESTCONF Northbound plugin provides the RESTCONF interface that is used to communicate with the application using the RESTCONF protocol over the HTTP.
  • NETCONF Southbound plugin enables NETCONF device connection using the NETCONF protocol and read/write configuration from them or execute RPCs.
  • AAA Module for authorization, authentication and accounting, for enabling to use Basic Authentication for RESTCONF northbound interface.