Network Orchestrator

SandWork is’s latest product offering to the market.

Combining years of experience in Software Defined Network and Automation, offers customers an integrated orchestration solution to operate and manage networks in hybrid fashion, maximizing automation and, where required, minor elements of manual input and intervention.

Ensuring the network is continually working and available, while providing service flexibility and agility, SandWork provides Smart Automated Net/Ops Dev/Ops for the network.

SandWork is an intent based Orchestration, Automation & Assurance software which offers intelligent lifecycle management of Data Centre and Network overlay services and underlay infrastructure devices.

What are SandWork’s benefits?

  • Significantly reduces the complexity of managing the Data Centre scale and growth
  • Accelerates the turn-up, change and tear-down of new & existing services
  • Simplifies and validates the deployment of additional network services
  • Imports & migrates existing and builds new DC deployments, maximising operational efficiency
  • Strengthens network security capabilities
  • Eliminates repetitive and error-prone manual configuration

SandWork SONiC Support


SONiC Fabric Orchestrator

Leveraging’s leadership and experience in many network automation and Software Defined Networking open source projects, SandWork as an intent based Orchestration, Automation & Assurance software solution, provides intelligent lifecycle management of Data Centre and Network overlay services and underlay infrastructure devices.

With an increasing shift in momentum towards network disaggregation, open source Network Operating Systems such as SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) are being adopted and deployed more widely in Data Centres from Hyperscalers to Enterprise. To support and enable this momentum, SandWork has been developed in collaboration with one of the leading active members of the SONiC open source community. It supports Enterprise SONiC and offers a comprehensive suite of services and capabilities to manage a SONiC based Data Centre.

Summary Features 

  • Day 2+ Fabric configuration
    • VXLAN network segments
    • Switchport mappings
    • Device-specific configuration
    • MC-LAG device pair configuration
  • Intent vs State: Underlay & Overlay
  • Visibility: Topology & Inventory
  • Device Lifecycle Management: ZTP
  • Zero Trust: Role-Based Access Control
  • Assurance: Audit logs & Telemetry
  • Integration: Open APIs, to existing systems
  • SONiC enterprise compliant

SandWork Support provides customers with a comprehensive level of operational support, continuous innovation through new releases and updates, inherent security, resilience, and scalability.

These factors are critical to deploying and maintaining customer’s critical business applications and services managed by SandWork.

Features and Benefits of the Support support offers customers the following benefits:

  • On-going software delivery: Upgrades/Features Enhancements, Updates, Bug Fixes & Patches
  • Access to Experts & Knowledge: 24 x 7 Technical Support with Multi Channel access, (Email, Tel, Messaging etc.) & a comprehensive KnowledgeBase
  • Collaborative customer, multi-vendor diagnosis & resolution
  • Multiple Levels of Support: Standard, Enhanced & Premium options
  • Security: Notification & fixes of Product Security vulnerabilities (PSIRT)
  • Integration Support: Multi-vendor support for integration & interoperability
  • Quality Assurance: Enterprise/Carrier Grade software (Compatibility, Hardened & Resilience)
  • Training & Documentation
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