Managed Services by

    At, we’ve had over a decade of experience handling our own high-profile software development projects. Our project managers have spent years improving and polishing their skills, to deliver high-quality results within a reasonable time frame. That is why we provide managed services for our clients.

    What do we offer?

    • Custom-Made
      Projects tailored exactly to suit your needs
    • Experience
      Years of cooperation with some of the world’s major telco companies
    • Track Record
      A track record of projects designed and implemented in accordance with our partners’ highest standards
    • Skilled Managers
      Skilled project managers with years of experience mainly in the U.S. R&D sector

    What’s in it for you?

    • Consulting & Designing
      Consulting and project designing skills: the industry’s very best will be at your disposal
    • Professionality
      Our skills with requirements engineering: Thanks to our experience, we can exactly define a result that will precisely suit your needs
    • Viable Product & Curbing Cost
      Minimum viable product: Synchronizing our project design’s outline with your defined needs is the best-proven way to eliminate unnecessary expenses
    • Flexibility
      No need for keeping large staff, our experts can be allocated to your project design only when needed

    Managed Projects by

    From drafts to implementation. From reviews to support, we’re ready to help your projects from the earliest stages to ensure that everything works perfectly.

    Does your company have great plans with the Internet of Things, but too few experts to implement them? Awesome visions for networking, but lack of staff with very specific experience? Eventually, each and every company might encounter similar problems, and that’s when Management Services come into play. We’ll help you with your project from the earliest stages up until it’s implemented and fine-tuned. That is why we provide managed projects for our clients. Agile project management with SCRUM. is here to support you with:

    • Project Drafting
    • Agile project management
    • Designing a timeline that suits your needs
    • Implementation
    • Reviewing & Adjustments
    • Post-project support

    Which benefits will you enjoy as our customer?

    • Highly experienced project managers
      Developers & Project Managers with Project Management Professional (PMP) certification at your hand
    • Step out of your traditional domain
      Our management project consultancy services enable you to deliver top-notch projects exceeding your in-house skills
    • Optimize costs
      Through purchasing tailored services based on our long-term experience
    • Save time
      Acquire our skills at the very moment you need them


    We deliver a highly customized project and technical design, time frame, and end-to-end mockups.

    Our design is based on careful and detailed requirement engineering, to know your needs even better than you do. Our teams work precisely, efficiently, and according to the client’s wishes.

    • Interactive modeling / Design verification
      Interactive modeling for accelerated change planning. New design verification on the current network model.
    • Simulation / Audits
      Simulation of new services to understand their impact. Network-wide audits to ensure optimum performance and resiliency.
    • What-if modeling
      What-if modeling of changes and failure scenarios
    • Computation & optimization
      Path computation & optimization engine for calculating best paths

    DEVELOPMENT’s developers have broad experience with drafting & implementing solutions based on in-depth requirements engineering.

    Throughout any of our projects, the customer is the one to play the key role. The project is tailored according to the customer’s needs and gives them full control over all of its phases.

    • Visibility & control
      Maintain full visibility and control of existing infrastructure and services
    • Cloud management
      Consulting-based services to develop, migrate & maintain custom applications for the cloud
    • Service orchestration
      Enable intelligent service orchestration with analytics- and policy-based path computation and optimization
    • Agile development
      Experienced and innovative agile development teams


    The whole project is divided into independently testable units that can be developed within a pre-defined period. Testing, launch, and sustainability of network infrastructure are included.

    We’re also happy to integrate with existing platforms and create a hybrid solution to ease the transition.

    • Complexity
      Reduce and manage complexity while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Productivity
      Improve developer productivity by working only on what is needed
    • Orchestrate
      Orchestrate complex systems
    • Support package
      We offer an optional support package, in case this is needed after deployment
    • Improvement
      Prevent disruption to your business by using our expert teams and services