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2020 Vision Executive Summit – Insights

I was sent to Lisbon by, in order to attend the annual 2020 Vision Executive Summit. Here are my experiences and insights into this event. The 2020 Vision Executive Summit, presented by Light Reading, was focused mainly on the pending revolution of 5G networks, automation, Edge Computing, IoT, security, etc. It hosts a variety […] is the 2nd largest OpenDaylight contributor for Q3/2018

In the last week of November 2018, Bitergia, a software development analytics company, published a report on the past and current status of the OpenDaylight project, which plays a significant role in’s offerings and solutions.’s CTO Robert Varga, is leading the list of per-user-contributions to the source code of OpenDaylight, with over 980 […]

HUAWEI CONNECT 2018 insights visited Shanghai last week to attend the third annual Huawei Connect event ¹. Let us share some insights from the event. This year’s theme was Activate Intelligence and Huawei outlined its broad strategy to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to the masses in applications in manufacturing, autonomous driving, smart cities, IoT and other areas which will enable billions of new devices to […]

Frinx’s UniConfig is now powered by’s enables a major OpenDaylight distribution vendor to build and deploy their applications faster. is an SDK that provides components for the development of SDN controllers and applications based on well-established standards in the networking industry. It takes advantage of’s extensive experience from the involvement in the OpenDaylight platform and simplifies and speeds up the […] powers datacenter management at

Complete automation and full forwarding plane programmability Private data centers are the hot topic for companies and enterprises who are not willing to push all the data into public clouds. Kaloom Software Defined Fabric™ (Kaloom SDF) is the world’s first fully programmable, automated, software-based data center fabric capable of running VNFs efficiently at scale. This is the first […] runs 5G on xRAN

In April 2018, the xRAN forum released ‘Open Fronthaul Interface Specification’. The first specification made publicly available from xRAN since its launch in October 2016. The released specification has allowed a wide range of vendors to develop innovative, best-of-breed remote radio unit/head (RRU/RRH) for a wide range of deployment scenarios, which can be easily integrated with virtualized infrastructure […]

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OTKD, running team covered 345 km in 33,5 hours. running team participated at From Tatry To Danube Run 2018 The relay run named From Tatry To Danube (FTTD) is 345 kilometers long run and may comprise a maximum of 12 runners per team. This year 214 teams had taken part. running team took part in this adventure with our 12 runners who had to cover 345 kilometers in less than 36 hours. We […] Live Demo at #ONS2018 the Silver sponsor of the Open Networking Summit Europe, will demonstrate how easy it is to build your very own SDN controller using We will show you some cool features of lighty’s components. Come and see the live demo at the #ONS2018 on 27th of September in conference room G110 from 10:30 am […]

The SDN SDK; core joins open-source world, the proven supporter of open-source software and its communities, and leader in Software Defined Networking (SDN) and the OpenDaylight (ODL) platform, decided to open-source the core components of the current go-to SDN controller development kit: Last Open Networking Summit, USA witnessed the announcement of This ONS will be the place where all OpenDaylight users will remember. Today, continues to push […]

Meet Martin Varga,’s #ons2018 attendee

Martin Varga represents as the Technical Business Development Manager and is responsible for the growth of the company’s business portfolio and goal to establish new partnerships. Martin has over two decades of professional experience in marketing, sales management, and international business development fields. He has acquired many titles in his long career, ranging from […]