SandWork is PANTHEON.tech’s latest product that provides orchestration of network infrastructure in the enterprise data center. Combines integration, automation, monitoring and management of data center network devices in a flexible platform, which increases customer efficiency.


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An SDN SDK, powered by OpenDaylight, to support, ease and accelerate the development and deployment of software-defined networking solutions in Java, Python & Go.

lighty.io is used as a set of Java libraries, which enables SDN software developers to use OpenDaylight services in JavaSE frameworks. This means a smaller footprint in your system, faster boot time & more versatility.

lighty.io offers the ability to implement features outside of its controller runtime. We call these applications lighty.io client applications.

Karaf is used to start OpenDaylight features and components. lighty.io does this faster with better memory efficiency. Having Java SE as a runtime, you can use a framework of your choice, not only Karaf.

lighty.io provides a great platform to build SDN-microservice controller applications thanks to its minuscule build size. lighty.io reuses OpenDaylight’s mature components and features like YANG tools, MD-SAL, NETCONF, and clustering.

lighty.io UI component enables you to view the topology angularly – even large topologies with thousands of nodes & links. You can arrange and group nodes with automatic layouts, highlight paths and customize icons.

Thanks to its small distribution size, fast build time and swift startup features you can develop and deploy SDN applications with ease and speed.

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PANTHEON.tech is the largest contributor to the OpenDaylight source code. Custom OpenDaylight integration, solutions, and OpenDaylight support for existing projects.

PANTHEON.tech has been dominating in OpenDaylight contributions since the beginning of the project. We are leading in numbers of commits for the project and continue to innovate and evolve the project with each step.

Customers can rely on PANTHEON.tech to deliver, innovate & adopt new networks and services while simplifying their operations.

Our dedicated OpenDaylight team contributes regularly to the project’s source code. Our presence in the project is emphasized in the TSC, as well as the MAC, dedicated to OpenDaylight.

Our knowledge of OpenDaylight allowed us to create the ultimate OpenDaylight companion – lighty.io. An SDN-SDK, for developers and architects who want a lightweight architecture in their software-defined network endeavors.

We are skilled in delivering dedicated training sessions for enterprise teams, who want to expand their knowledge of OpenDaylight and its use.

If you would like to receive support for an existing or new project that includes OpenDaylight, we deliver robust support packages, tailored for a variety of uses and needs.


cdnf io

A CNF is a software implementation of a network function (e.g. IPv4/v6 router, L2 bridge/switch, VPN gateway, firewall). These are built and deployed in a cloud-native way.

Various network functions packaged into Docker containers (networking microservices)

Ready to be deployed & orchestrated by Kubernetes in private, public, or hybrid cloud infrastructures

Manageable via cloud-native APIs (protobuf-modeled, configurable via gRPC / K8s CRDs / key-value data stores such as ETCD)

Ready to be chained with other CNFs to form more complex networking functions, e.g. using Network Service Mesh

StoneWork 2

A high-performance, all-in-one routing platform, with a modular architecture. StoneWork dynamically integrates all CDNF.io cloud-native network functions into a single data plane.

Dynamic integration of all CNFs means, that StoneWork will start those CNFs it needs, depending on the configuration – preserving a single, high-performance data plane.

Extendability, modularity, and high-performance do not need to be complicated – with simple management in mind, StoneWork is easy to configure!

High-Performance Drivers (DPDK, RDMA, virtio), Routing, Switching, Tunneling (VXLAN, GRE, IP-IP), ACL-Based Filtering & Routing, NAT44 & NAT64, Segment Routing, VPN (Wireguard®, IPSec), Bridge Domains, VRFs (Multi-Tenancy).

StoneWork is available at the GNS3 Marketplace and we have an awesome guide for you to make it run there!



A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a convenient and secure way to access protected services from your private network, from anywhere in the world. You manage the access, functionality and security. With our state-of-the-art cryptography, your connection will be safer than ever.

EntGuard supports a Linux server deployment. All the while, you can enjoy its benefits on a variety of platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Android & macOS.

EntGuard integrates the critically-acclaimed WireGuard® protocol. Benefits include ease-of-use & simplicity, as opposed to existing solutions like OpenVPN – while achieving huge performance boosts!

Learn about advanced features, soon to be integrated, in EntGuard! MFA, LDAP, Radius, end-station remote support, traffic monitoring, problem analysis & more.

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