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VPP 105: Memory Management & DPDK APIs

Welcome to the 5th part of our VPP Guide series! Today, we will be asking ourselves practical questions regarding the various technologies & libraries managed in VPP – their usage, advantages, and management. Let’s jump right into it and ask ourselves: Why does DPDK use Hugepages? Hugepages Hugepages is one of the techniques used in […]


[Guide] Intro to Vector Packet Processing (VPP)

Welcome to our new series on how to build and program‘s Vector Packet Processing framework, also known as VPP. The name stems from VPP’s usage of vector processing, which can process multiple packets at a time with low latency. Single packet processing and high latency were a common occurrence in the older, scalar processing approach, […]


[Release] VPPTop

Here at, we really enjoy perfecting the user experience around VPP and creating projects based around this framework. That is why we have developed a handy tool, which lets you analyze several crucial data points while using VPP. We call it VPPTop. Requirements In order to run VPPTop, you will need to install these […]


Vector Packet Processing 103: Ligato & VPP Agent

Welcome back to our guide on Vector Packet Processing. In today’s post number three from our VPP series, we will take a look at Ligato and its VPP Agent. Ligato is one of the multiple commercially supported technologies supported by What is a VNF? A Virtual Network Function is a software implementation of a […]


Vector Packet Processing 102: Honeycomb & hc2vpp

Welcome to the second part of our VPP Introduction series, where we will talk about details of the Honeycomb project. Please visit our previous post on VPP Plugins & Binary API, which is used in Honeycomb to manage the VPP agent. What is Honeycomb? Honeycomb is a generic, data plane management agent and provides a […]

6 adds OC4VPP code to Sweetcomb

Recently, has decided to contribute to’s Sweetcomb project source-code. This was mainly due to the fact, that our new project OC4VPP would compliment the idea and possibilities of the project, while improving its functionality. What was the OC4VPP project? Network administrators have the possibility to use protocols, such as gNMI or NETCONF, in […]


Vector Packet Processing 101: VPP Plugins & Binary API

In the first part of our new series, we will be building our first VPP platform plug-in, using basic examples. We will start with a first-dive into plugin creation and finish with introducing VAPI into this configuration. If you do not know what VPP is, please visit our introductory post regarding VPP and why you […]


Integrate VPP & Honeycomb & Extension of VPP Services

Updated 2/2022 – has moved from Nexus to hosting the documentation elsewhere. In this short article, I would like to share our experience in the field of integrating VPP and Honeycomb, and about the extension of VPP services. Among our colleagues are many developers who contribute to both projects, as well as people who […]


[What Is] Multus CNI

Multus CNI (Container Network Interface) is a novel approach to managing multiple CNIs in your container network (Kubernetes). Based on its name, which means multiple in Latin, Multus is an open-source plug-in, which serves as an additional layer in a container network, to enable multi-interface support. For example, Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) often depend on connectivity towards multiple network interfaces. The […]


[StoneWork] IS-IS Feature continues to develop its Cloud-Native Network Functions portfolio with the recent inclusion of  Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) routing support, based on FRRouting. This inclusion complements and augments our current Stonework Enterprise routing offerings, providing customers with a choice of the usual networking vendors’ solutions. Leveraging FRRouting, a Linux Foundation, open-source, industry-leading project, provides a comprehensive suite of […]

14 Firewall + ONAP (CDS) Integration’s Firewall CNF can be integrated with the ONAP Controller Design Studio (CDS) component. We achieved a successful & effective integration with the Firewall CNF and CDS, in an easy-to-understand use-case: block and allow traffic between two Docker containers. Firewall & CDS With ONAP, orchestration management and automation of network services is simple, yet […]

15 Introduces CPS Performance Testing to ONAP

As part of our commitment to improve & develop ONAP functionality, has introduced Performance Testing to the ONAP Configuration Persistence Service (CPS) component. The test flow included the following operations: Create a new anchor with a unique name in the given dataspace Create data node – full data tree upload for a given anchor […]


Secure Access to SONiC Switch w/ IPSec & StoneWork

StoneWork | An IPSec Appliance Our portfolio is steadily growing. Our latest addition to the family is StoneWork. Here, StoneWork enables you to securely and remotely access your management plane. StoneWork is a solution which, thanks to its modular architecture, enables you to combine multiple CNFs from the portfolio, using only one data-plane, to […]


EntGuard | Next-Gen Enterprise VPN

At present, enterprises practice approaches in securing external perimeters of their networks. From centralized Virtual Private Networks (VPN), through access without a VPN to using solutions, such as EntGuard VPN. For encryption, protection, security, meet EntGuard – the ultimate, enterprise VPN solution. The most dangerous cyber-threats are those, which are not yet identified. Enterprises need to act […]


[What Is] Declarative vs. Imperative Approach

by Filip Čúzy | Leave us your feedback on this post! A DevOps paradigm, programmatic approach, or Kubernetes management. The decision between a declarative or imperative approach is not really a choice – which we will explain in this post. The main difference between the declarative and imperative approach is: Declarative: You will say what […]