EntGuard - The Ultimate Enterprise VPN

EntGuard | Next-Gen Enterprise VPN

At present, enterprises practice approaches in securing external perimeters of their networks. From centralized Virtual Private Networks (VPN), through access without a VPN to using solutions, such as EntGuard VPN.

For encryption, protection, security, meet EntGuard – the ultimate, enterprise VPN solution.

The most dangerous cyber-threats are those, which are not yet identified. Enterprises need to act proactively and secure access to their networks.

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Work-From-Home & Cybersecurity

We saw an increased need of working from home last year. But what was first a necessity, seems to stay as a popular alternative to working from an office.

That also means, that as an enterprise, you need to go the extra mile to protect your employees, your, and their data. A VPN will:

  • Encrypt your internet traffic
  • Protect you from data-leaks
  • Provide secure access to internal networks – with an extra layer of security!

Encrypt – Secure – Protect.

With EntGuard VPN, PANTHEON.tech utilized years of working on network technologies and software, to give you an enterprise-grade product, that is built for the cloud.

With the world rapidly shifting towards virtual spaces, it is projected that the spending on cybersecurity will increase by 10% in 2021. EntGuard will save you costs, without compromising quality.

Built on WireGuard®

We decided to build EntGuard VPN on the critically-acclaimed WireGuard® protocol. The protocol focuses on ease-of-use & simplicity, as opposed to existing solutions like OpenVPN – while achieving incredible performance! Did you know that WireGuard® is natively supported in the Linux kernel and FD.io VPP since 2020?

WireGuard® is relied on for high-speeds and privacy protection. Complex, state-of-the-art cryptography, with lightweight architecture. An incredible combination.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to maintain WireGuard® in enterprise environments, that’s why we have decided to bring you EntGuard, which gives you the ability to use WireGuard® tunnels in your enterprise environment.

EntGuard Highlights

  • Supported server platforms: Linux
  • Clients: Windows, Linux; Android, macOS
  • Simple Management
  • State-of-the-art Cryptography (WireGuard®)
  • Built-In Roaming
  • Container Ready
  • Certification & Support Services
  • Premium Features: Be the first to try out new features, such as – MFA, LDAP, Radius, end-station remote support, traffic monitoring, problem analysis and more!

About CDNF.io

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