The open-source cloud platform for building and wiring VNFs: Ligato provides infrastructure and libraries, code samples, and CI/CD process to accelerate & improve the overall developer experience.

Ligato paves the way towards faster code reusereducing costs, and increasing application agility & maintainability. It offers high-performance networking & network wiring.

Native to the cloud, Ligato has a minimal footprint. It can be easily integrated, customized, and extended, even deployed using Kubernetes.

We offer Ligato as a commercially supported distribution, consisting of a pre-packed version, ready for installing on a Linux distro of your choice.

  • Cloud-native: Minimal footprint, simple management, deployed using Kubernetes
  • VPP Agent: Robust management and config of high-speed virtual networking device
  • BGP Agent: integration of BGP protocol & automatic configuration of VPP Agent L3 routes
  • SFC Controller: Chaining VNFs (based on VPP agent), routers (IOS XE)
  • High-performance network wiring: MEMIF interconnection for VNF, vSwitch, vRouter
  • Easy integration: Google protocol buffers APIs, Docker images, connectors (ETCD, Redis, Kafka, Cassandra)
  • Customizable: Utilizes plugins for better extensibility

Interested in a custom Ligato integration, service, or support?

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