spring.io & lighty.io integration

Match Made In Heaven: Spring Boot & lighty.io

lighty.io brings you full NETCONF/RESTCONF stack for the Spring Boot runtime.

Check out our example, which runs core OpenDaylight components integrated into a Springboot application.

You are no longer restricted to the cumbersome legacy ODL Karaf runtime. lighty.io makes accessible spring component ecosystem for wide SDN development. Go ahead and enjoy features of ODL ecosystem and advantages of the vast spring project ecosystem.

Popular Java Framework

We have recently succeeded in running RESTCONF in a Springboot example, available for lighty.io. Springboot is now able to run in a full OpenDaylight/lighty.io stack, this includes:

  • MD-SAL

Spring Boot makes it easy to just run & create stand-alone, Spring-based Applications. It boasts no code generation or requirement for XML configuration, automatic configuration of Spring functionality and radically improves the pure Spring deployment and development.

MD-SAL, part of the OpenDaylight Controller, provides infrastructure services for data stores, RPC (& Service Routing) and notification subscriptions, as well as publish services.

Model-Driven SAL Queries is a tool developed by PANTHEON.tech, aimed at OpenDaylight developers. Its goal is to speed up work with the MD-SAL API. On top of this, we added two new features: query operations on a data store. Check out our introductory video on this project:

RESTCONF is a REST-like protocol running over HTTP. It helps to access data defined in YANG, for which it uses datastores defined in NETCONF. Its aim is to provide a simple interface with REST-like features and principles, with device abstraction based on available resources.

NETCONF, on the other hand, is a network management protocol, developed and maintained by the Internet Engineering Task Force. It is able to manage (install, delete, manipulate) network device configurations. All of these processes are done on top of an RPC layer.

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