[Release] 15 | The Ultimate OpenDaylight Companion

The 15th release of is here, bringing a bunch of new features and even more improvements for you to create your SDN controller.

Parallel to working on OpenDaylight – being the largest contributor to the OpenDaylight Phosphorus release – our team was working hard on releasing the newest version of

Of course, adopted the latest Phosphorus upstream. So let’s have a look at what else is new in 15!

[Feature] gNMI Module – Simulator

The latest addition to modules is the gNMI module for device simulation. This simulator simulates gNMI devices driven by gNMI proto files, with a datastore defined by a set of YANG models. gNMI is used for the configuration manipulation and state retrieval of gNMI devices.

The gNMI Simulator supports SONiC gNOI, to the extent of the following gNOI gRPCs:

  • file.proto:
    • get – downloads dummy file
    • stat – returns stats of file on path
  • system.proto:
    • time – returns current time
  • and these RPCs

Furthermore, we introduced the gNMI Force Capability, for overwriting used capabilities of gNMI devices in the gNMI SouthBound plugin.

[Use-Case] gNMI/RESTCONF & Simulator

Our team also prepared a guide for quick-starting a pre-prepared gNMI/RESTCONF application with the gNMI device simulator.

Hand-in-hand, the RESTCONF gNMI App now provides Docker & Helm support, for deployment via Kubernetes.

The example shows a gNMI south-bound interface, utilized with a RESTCONF north-bound interface to manage gNMI devices on the network.

This example works as a standalone SDN controller and is capable of connecting to gNMI devices and exposing connected devices over RESTCONF north-bound APIs.

[Improvements] Deprecations & Fixes

  • RNC received a Postman collection for users to edit and bend for their own use.
  • We removed the OpenFlow plugin (in-line with future plans for OpenFlow in OpenDaylight), as well as the NETCONF-Quarkus App for
  • lighty-codes are now fully replaced by lighty-codecs-utils. 
  • A major cleanup of modules and their references was done as well.
  • Improvements were made for GitHub Workflows & SonarCloud reported issues, for code stability and hardening. 

Give 15 a try and let us know what you think!

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