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PANTHEONtech at Open Networking Summit (ONS) 2018

PANTHEON.tech had a unique opportunity to participate at the Open Networking Summit (ONS) 2018. The central topic of the ONS 2018 was data center solutions: ONAP and Kubernetes based systems. Also, several new projects under the wings of Linux Foundation were introduced. For example “Acumos AI“, “Arkaino Edge stack” and DANOS (Disaggregated Network Operating System project) which is the operating system for white-box switches.

PANTHEON.tech has traditionally participated in the OpenDaylight (ODL) as well as the fd.io development and we launched our lighty.io product in the ONS. lighty.io changes conventional OpenDaylight attitude on how to build SDN controller applications, making them smaller, nimble and micro-service ready.

lighty.io caught the attention of the OpenDaylight community members, as well as customers struggling with real-life OpenDaylight deployments. This solution helps to consume and deploy OpenDaylight services faster, with a lower cost of ownership. Faster builds, quick test runs and smaller distribution sizes are the right way to proceed. lighty.io brings also added value into the ONAP eco-system providing runtime for ONAP’s SDN-C. We are continuously updating the community with lighty.io use-case examples and also lighty.io video use-cases


One of the projects, in which we participate in the community, is The Fast Data Project (FD.io). For the FD.io community, we presented Ligato; Honeycomb’s younger brother. It is an ’easy to learn and easy to use’ integration platform. We love to see, that the FD.io community is growing larger, not only in the number of contributors but in the number of projects and use-cases as well.

We were also pleased to accept an invitation to an introduction of a new FD.io project “Dual Modes, Multi-Protocols, Multi-Instances” (DMM), where we discussed use-cases and integration paths from the current networking stack. FD.io community has the potential of further growth, especially as we see the shift of the networking industry from closed-source, hardware-based network functions to an open-source software-based solution.

Huawei DMM for FDio smaller

ONS 2018 was an exciting opportunity for us. It was a forum where we could easily share our knowledge and provide a much-needed innovation. Let’s see how artificial intelligence and machine learning will change the landscape of networking in the upcoming years. See you at the next ONS event!

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