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Use Cases for StoneWork.

Although the possibilities of CNF deployments are endless, it may be worth to give you an idea of what can be achieved with them.

Customers are given the choice of their own StoneWork module configuration. No matter how many network functions you choose, you will always have a feature-rich control plane capabilities by preserving a single, high-performance data plane.

Carrier-Grade NAT Solution

This example use-case shows a cloud-native carrier-grade NAT solution, which shifts the NAT function and configuration from the customer premises to the Internet service provider’s cloud infrastructure.

This solution can lower the requirements on hardware and software features of CPE devices, as well as simplify the management and configuration of the NAT solution, allow for easy horizontal scaling, upgrades and failovers.

carrier nat

Virtual CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)

In this example use-case, the whole functionality of the customer premises equipment is moved into the service provider’s cloud infrastructure. The only networking equipment deployed at the customer premises can be just a cheap simple L2 switch with no additional features, which would be connected to the ISP’s cloud infra.

That requires almost no additional maintenance, even in case of a future upgrade of CPE functionality. The CPE features are built as a chain of CNFs (networking microservices), which apart form easy management, scaling and upgrades, also allow for different feature sets per customer, deployed and modified on demand.

Take a look at our demo, which showcases a simplified version of the virtual CPE use-case based on our CNFs.

virtual cpe

Manual Provisioning w/ Network Service Mesh

IPSec Gateway

A cloud router solution, which could be used as an IPSec concentrator for connecting customers with their cloud and site networks via guaranteed leased metro lines. combined it’s StoneWork solution with the IPSec module to provide an IPSec concentrator feature and multi-VRF configuration for enabling muti-tenant environments.

The solution was later improved by integrating an additional BGP feature into the StoneWork Enterprise bundle to provide a feature-rich cloud router bundle.

IPSec Gateway Use-Case | StoneWork