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[Release] December releases are on fire!

Have you wondered whether there was anything happening behind the curtain recently? Of course there was!

Our team has been very diligently working on improving our portfolio. There have been released various new versions of the open-source project, which is our variant of the well known OpenDaylight project. belongs to the largest contributors to OpenDaylight and therefore we are proud to be able to implement the newest improvements as soon as possible.

Continue reading to find out what’s new on the block.

1. YANG Validator 17.0.1

This release was created for our customer who happened to crush into some bugs and made us aware. Our experts fixed the bugs by updating to yangtools version 9.0.5 and reworking on how the tree is traversed.

Cleanups were made, next development phases were prepared and other changes that were executed, you can read all about in the change log!


2. 16.3.0

In order to remain compatible with the OpenDaylight Sulfur SR3 release, we had to come up with a new release of 16.3.0. Interested in what has changed? Find out here!


3. NETCONF Simulator 16.3.0

As we know, all good thing come in three, yes, NETCONF Simulator has also successfully went through a little update to 16.3.0 and this was marked down in the repository.


4. YANG Validator 16.3.0

However, 4 times is also a miracle and 16.3.0 comes up updated as a whole. Our experts managed to release also a new version of YANG Validator 16.3.0 in which we keep being compatible with the OpenDaylight Sulfur SR3 version.

You can read about what’s new you at our github webpage following the red button below.


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