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SONiC Data Center automation w/ ODL integration

Software for Open Networking in the Cloud, also known as SONiC, is an open source network operating system which has been recently given over to the Linux Foundation. This contribution will accelerate adoption of open-networking based white-box devices.

Our team at PANTHEON.tech has been focusing on increasing SONiC’s usability whilst simultaneously contributing to other Linux Foundation projects – like OpenDaylight. We are performing given activities and contributions in order to aim for an achievement in a form of combination of these two powerful projects as well as the orchestration of SONiC based network environments. As PANTHEON.tech has been building its own orchestration platform based on these principles, we consider the model-driven integration between SONiC and OpenDaylight crucial to our growing portfolio.

Miroslav Mikluš, the Chief Product Officer at PANTHEON.tech, is about to give a brief overview of this integration at the upcoming event hosted by the Linux Foundation, ONE SUMMIT 2022 in Seattle, Washington. You can meet him and attend to his presentation SONiC Data Center Automation W/ OpenDaylight next week on Tuesday Nov 15th 2022, at 4pm (PST) at the Sheraton Grand Seattle hotel.

So make sure you don’t miss out – click here for registration.



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