2021 | A Look Back

Join us in reminiscing and reminding you, what PANTHEON.tech has managed to create and participate in 2021.

Most significantly, PANTHEON.tech has celebrated 20 years of its existence.

We have participated in two conferences this year, validated our position within the OpenDaylight community, and expanded our product portfolio!

lighty.io: Releases & Tools

The lighty.io team at PANTHEON.tech has gone through several releases in 2021, as well as a bunch of tools to accompany it along the way!

lighty.io RESTCONF-NETCONF Controller

  • Out-of-the-box
  • Pre-packaged
  • Microservice-ready application

Easily use for managing network elements in your SDN use case.

You can read more about the project on our dedicated GitHub readme, or in the in-depth article below:

lighty.io YANG Validator

Create, validate and visualize the YANG data model of their application, without the need to call any other external tool – just by using the lighty.io framework.

YANGinator | Validate YANG files in IntelliJ

Built for one of the most popular IDEs, YANGinator is a plugin for validating YANG files without leaving your IDEs window!

Visit the project on GitHub, or on the official marketplace.

Conferences & Events

PANTHEON.tech has sponsored and attended two conferences this year. Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam, and Open Networking & Edge Summit + Kubernetes on Edge Day, which was ultimately held in a virtual environment.

Our network controller SDK, lighty.io, was mentioned during the OCP Global Summit, as part of a SONiC Automation use-case.

lighty.io was also part of the first-ever, production deployment of ONAP by Orange.

News, Blogs & Use-Cases

We encourage you to read through over 28 original posts on our webpage. The topics range from explanations of recent network trends to interesting use-cases for enterprises.

Lanner Inc. has established a partnership with PANTHEON.tech to successfully validate StoneWork’s all-in-one Cloud-Native Functions solution on Lanner’s NCA-1515 uCPE Platforms.

PANTHEON.tech has been recognized as a member of the Intel Network Builders program Winners Circle. 

Pantheon Fellow and one of the elite experts on OpenDaylight, Robert Varga, was invited for a podcast episode with the Broadband Bunch!

CDNF.io | A cloud-native portfolio

Our cloud-native network functions portfolio, CDNF.io, includes a combined data/control plane – StoneWork – and 18 CNFs.

Learn more about this expanding project by visiting its homepage, CDNF.io, or contact us directly to explore your options.

SandWork| Automate & Orchestrate Your Network

The ultimate network orchestration tool for your enterprise network. This Smart Automated Net/Ops & Dev/Ops platform orchestrates your networks with a user-friendly UI. Manage hundreds to thousands of individual nodes with open-source tech and enterprise support & integration.

Contact us to learn more about SandWork!


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