Linux Foundation Network 2020 - Project Contribution Overview - Proves 2020 Leadership in Contributions to Linux Foundation Networking Projects

The Linux Foundation Networking: 2020 Year in Review shows leading open-source enrichment and customer innovation adoption in SDN Automation, Cloud-Native, 5G & O-RAN.

Linux Foundation Network 2020 - Project Contribution Overview -

Source: LFX Insights

Leadership and Contribution is pleased to showcase the Linux Foundation Networking “2020 Year in Review”, which highlights our continued commitment to open-source enrichment and customer adoption.

This report reflects a series of metrics for last year and we are extremely proud to be highlighting our continued leading levels of participation and contribution in LFN’s technical communities. As an example, provided over 60% of the commits to OpenDaylight in 2020.

This is an extraordinary achievement, given this is in the company of such accoladed peers as AT&T, Orange S.A., Cisco Systems Inc., Ericsson, and Samsung.

Customer Enablement

Clearly, this report demonstrates open source software solutions have secured themselves in many customer’s network architectures and strategies, with even more customers following this lead. Leveraging its expertise and experience,, since its inception has been focused on offering customers; application development services, Enterprise-Grade tailored or productized open source solutions with an accompanying full support model leads the way in enabling customers with Software Defined Network automation, comprehensively integrating into an ecosystem of vendor and open orchestration, systems, and network devices across all domains of customer’s networks.  Our solutions facilitate automation, for such services as O-RAN, L2/L3/E-VPN, 5G, or Data Centre, amongst many others.

Leveraging multiple open-source projects, including, we assist customers in embracing cloud-native, developing tailored enterprise-grade network functions, which focus on customer’s immediate and future requirements and performance objectives.

We help our customers unlock the potential of their network assets, whether; new, legacy, proprietary, open, multi-domain, or multi-layer, has solutions to simplify and optimize customer’s networks, systems, and operations.

The key-takeaway is, that customers can rely on to deliver, unlocking services in your existing networks, innovate and adopt new networks and services, while simplifying your operations.

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