Business Update for March 2020

Business Update: March 2020

Here at, we are saddened by the current situation in the world, regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and are fully supporting everybody in the front-line of this fight.

As the world is continuously relying on stable networks and improvements in technology, our day-to-day business needs to continue as usual.

Firstly, we needed to asses the situation. That is, why we have put the following, responsible counter-measures in place, as of 13th of March, 2020:

Off-Site Work: We have put our staff on off-site work. Our employees were able to utilize off-site work as a benefit at This way, we were sure that most of our staff would be used to this change and quickly adapt to it.

Great Software: A stable & fast VPN is a must, as well as a stable conferencing software and an efficient alternative to e-mails.

Reliable Connection: We have renewed our ISO certificates through an online-meeting system on the 27th of March, 2020. This guarantees that all standards for remote-work are also being followed. This makes off-site work and staying in touch a breeze.

Business-as-usual: is lucky enough to work in a field, where we have the option to effectively work off-site. Our business hours are the same and work continues, as it did before. is continuing to strive for perfection in its solutions. It doesn’t matter if it’s in our office space, or off-site. Because our employees do not need to travel to work, they spend more time working on their own.

We miss the direct contact with our colleagues and customers but appreciate the opportunity to continue in our work. We sincerely hope that the current situation will be resolved as quickly as possible. But until then, it is business-as-usual for us.

We encourage anybody with needs within custom open-source solutions, software prototyping or network technologies to contact us. We are happy to be of assistance and create new partnerships, even in these trying times.

Nothing is changing for – in terms of quality & delivery. We always strive for perfection.

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