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[News] Summer 2019

It has been a busy summer for & our developers of our leading product For all those interested in new information, here is a round-up of all the examples and demos we have published on our social media.

Integrating & CCSDK (ONAP)

In the last weeks, we are intensively working, together with the wonderful ONAP community, on proposing to remove existing dependencies on the OSGi Framework and Karaf from the CCSDK project – while still maintaining the same OpenDaylight services, which the community knows and uses. We will deep-dive on our proposal soon in a separate post, so stay tuned!

Spring Boot Example

Full NETCONF/RESTCONF stack for the Spring Boot runtime.

We have recently succeeded in running RESTCONF in a Springboot example, designed for lighty. Springboot is now able to run in a full OpenDaylight/ stack.

Spring Boot makes it easy to just run & create stand-alone, Spring-based Applications. It boasts no code generation or requirement for XML configuration, automatic configuration of Spring functionality and radically improves the pure Spring deployment and development.

Clustered Application Demo running as a clustered RESTCONF/NETCONF SDN controller application. From now on, it supports deployment in Akka cluster, so you are not limited to single-node SDN controllers.

Furthermore, you can deploy as a Kubernetes cluster.

TransportPCE Controller TransportPCE Controller is now upstreamed in the OpenDaylight Project! We have previously managed to migrate TransportPCE into lighty. Now, you can see the code for yourself in the OpenDaylight repository. 

We have previously published a how-to on how to migrate the OpenDaylight TransportPCE to


We are planning on extending the BGP function of an SDN controller with an EVPN extension in the BGP control-plane. We will discuss BGP-EVPN functions in SDN controllers and how the BGP function can replace existing legacy BGP route reflectors, running in service provider’s WAN or DC networks.

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