@ Open Networking Summit Europe ’19

Here at, we are proud to be a corporate member of the Linux Foundation and one of the sponsors of this the Open Networking Summit Europe 2019.

We were in attendance for this year’s Open Networking Summit Europe in Belgium, Antwerp. The organization was, as always, handled by the Linux Foundation Networking.

As is tradition, we were participating, networking and presenting our know-how to potential business-partners & like-minded open-source enthusiasts.

Belgium Meets Open-Source

The conference was held in Antwerp, Belgium, right next to the Antwerp Zoo. The Flanders Meeting & Convention Center does continue in the animal theme of the surroundings and contains halls filled with whale skeletons, historical zoo photos & other themed objects. It was a wonderful, spacious place, ideal for a conference of this size. We were also more than pleased, that so many attendees wore lanyards with our logo.

Part of our booth at ONS was a presentation of two demos:

  • CNF Designer: Design and visualize your CNFs and export the settings. In this demo, people used instances of NAT44, DHCP, Ligato and ACL CNFs.
  • Raspberry Pi Access Point: We have managed to run a VPP instance on a Raspberry Pi acting as a WIFI access point, send flow data using IPFIX to Elastiflow, and visualize it in Kibana

Orange x developer Samuel Kontriš was busy at a demo-stand, in cooperation with Orange, named “TransportPCE: SDN Controller & Simulators for WDM Optical Networks (OpenDaylight,, Open ROADM,“. TransportPCE supports both the original ODL Karaf (OSGi) and build (without any proprietary component). We had the chance to present why should be the right choice for your SDN controller.

It was a great opportunity to show why deserves attention. Many people have come to ask about and afterwards, I gladly referred them further to our booth staff.

TransportPCE is an open-source implementation of an optical SDN controller, officially integrated into OpenDaylight Fluorine and Neon releases.

Edge Computation Offloading by

We continued with a session/talk, lead by VP of Engineering Miroslav Mikluš, called “Edge Computation Offloading”. Its premise was the promise of 5G and the high expectations it has set up. In his talk, he showed how Radio Access Network could be used to offload tasks from the end-user device to the edge.


We have shown a demo of a client application (running on an Android mobile device), that can execute compute-intensive tasks on an edge compute node. K8s has been used on a RAN site to host specialized container application, based on TensorFlow. It had received pre-trained models to classify image content.

Miroslav Mikluš - ONS Session

As always, we appreciate the organizational skills of the Linux Foundation and would like to thank LFN, Orange and our colleagues who participated at this year’s Open Networking Summit in Antwerp.

We are proud to be working on several open-source projects, centered not only around the Linux Foundation Networking. is looking forward to overcoming all challenges, which will ultimately contribute to the open-source community and possibly, change networking forever.