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PANTHEON.tech @ ONS 2019

Our PANTHEON.tech all-star team, comprised of Juraj VeverkaMartin Varga, Róbert Varga & Štefan Kobza visited the Open Networking Summit North America 2019 (ONS), in the sunny town of San Jose, California.

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In the span of 3 days, keynotes and presentations were held with notable personalities and companies from various network companies & technological giants.

“The networking part, was a welcoming mixture of old acquaintances & new faces interested in our products, solutions and in the company in general.”

“It was crucial to present our ideas, concepts & goals by short messages or few slides. Since the approximate time of our booth visit was 2-3 minutes, I had to precisely focus and point out why we matter.” (who is saying it?) This was not an easy task since there were companies like  Ericsson, Intel, Huawei or IBM at the conference.

Our Skydive/VPP Demo

“Before the actual conference, we were asked to come up with potential demo ideas, which would be presented at ONS. Our SkyDive – VPP Integration demo was accepted and opened the doors to a wide interest in PANTHEON.tech.” As Juraj recollects, after the keynote, waves of visitors swarmed the nearest booths, including ours and our Skydive – VPP Integration demo:

Skydive is an open-source, real-time network topology, and protocols analyzer. It aims to provide a comprehensive way of understanding what is happening in the network infrastructure.

We have prepared a demonstration topology containing running VPP instances. Any changes to the network topology are detected in real-time.

Juraj Veverka & Robert Varga @ ONS 2019

Skydive is a tool that can quickly show, what is currently happening in your network. VPP serves the purpose of fast packet processing, which is one of the main building blocks of a (virtual) network. If anybody wants a fast network – VPP is the way to go.

Connecting Skydive & VPP is almost a necessity, since diagnosing VPP issues is a lot more difficult without using Skydive. Skydive leads you towards the source of the issue, as opposed to the time-consuming studying of the VPP console.

The importance of this demo is based on the need to extract data from VPP. Since the platform does not easily provide the required output, this provides a birds-eye view on the network via Skydive.

“The Skydive demo was a huge hit. Since it was presented in full-screen and had its own booth, we gained a lot of attention due to this unique solution.” Attendees were also interested in our Visibility Package solution and what kind of support PANTHEON.tech could provide for their future network endeavors.

SkyDive Demo @ ONS 2019

Improvements & ONS 2020

“Inbetween networking, presenting and attending keynotes, we have managed to do some short sightseeing and enjoyed the city of San Jose a little bit. But of course, work could not have waited as we have been excited to come back to the conference atmosphere each day.”

But how was ONS 2019 in comparison to last years conference? “In comparison to last year, the Open Networking Summit managed to expand & increase in quality. We are glad that we made many new acquaintances, which we will hopefully meet again next year!”

We would like to thank the Linux Foundation Networking for this opportunity. See you next year!

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