Virtual Private Network Guard – for Enterprises

EntGuard VPN provides a convenient and secure way to access protected services from your private network, from anywhere in the world. You manage the access, functionality and security. With our state-of-the-art cryptography, your connection will be safe.

Premium Features: Contact us to be the first to try out new features, such as – MFA, LDAP, Radius, end-station remote support, traffic monitoring, problem analysis and more!

  • Server Platform


  • Clients

    Windows, Linux, Android

  • Cryptography

    State-of-the-art cryptography (WireGuard®)

  • Built-In Roaming

    Switch to different networks without interruption

  • Container Ready

    Containerized image ready for easy deployment

The Ultimate Enterprise VPN

EntGuard VPN utilizes years of working on network technologies and software by PANTHEON.tech, to give you an enterprise-grade product, that is built for the cloud.

As an enterprise, you need to go the extra mile to protect your employees, your, and their data. A VPN will:

  • Encrypt your internet traffic
  • Protect you from data-leaks
  • Provide secure access to internal networks – with an extra layer of security!

With the world rapidly shifting towards virtual spaces, it is projected that the spending on cybersecurity will increase by 10% in 2021. EntGuard will save you costs, without compromising quality.

EntGuard VPN is built on the critically-acclaimed WireGuard® protocol. The protocol focuses on ease-of-use & simplicity, as opposed to existing solutions like OpenVPN – while achieving incredible performance!