[What Is] AF_XDP and its potential

AF_XDP is a new type of socket, presented into the Linux Kernel 4.18, which does not completely bypass the kernel, but utilizes its functionality and enables to create something alike DPDK or the AF_Packet.

DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) is a library, developed in 2010 by Intel and now under the Linux Foundation Projects umbrella, that accelerates packet processing workloads on a broad pallet of CPU architectures.

AF_Packet is a socket in the Linux Kernel, which allows applications to send & receive raw packets through the Kernel. It creates a shared mmap ring buffer between the kernel and userspace, which reduces the number of calls between these two.

AF_XDP Basics described by redhat


As opposed to AF_Packet, AF_XDP moves frames directly to the userspace, without the need to go through the whole kernel network stack. They arrive in the shortest possible time. AF_XDP does not bypass the kernel, but creates an in-kernel fast path.

It also offers advantages like zero-copy (between kernel space & userspace) or offloading of the XDP bytecode into NIC. AF_XDP can run in interrupt mode, as well as polling mode, while DPDK polling mode drivers always poll – this means that they use 100% of the available CPU processing power.

Future potential

One of the potentials in the future for an offloaded XDP (being one of the possibilities of how an XDP bytecode can be executed) is, that such an offloaded program can be executed directly in a NIC and therefore does not use any CPU power, as noted at FOSDEM 2018:

Because XDP is so low-level, the only way to move packet processing further down to earn additional performances is to involve the hardware. In fact, it is possible since kernel 4.9 to offload eBPF programs directly onto a compatible NIC, thus offering acceleration while retaining the flexibility of such programs.


Furthermore, all signs lead to a theoretical, decentralized architecture – with emphasis on community efforts in offloading workloads to NICs – for example in a decentralized NIC switching architecture. This type of offloading would decrease costs on various expensive tasks, such as the CPU itself having to process the incoming packets.

We are excited about the future of AF_XDP and looking forward to the mentioned possibilities!

For a more detailed description, you can download a presentation with details surrounding AF_XDP & DPDK and another from FOSDEM 2019.

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