Software-Defined Network | SDN has extensive experience in implementing software-defined networks (SDN) in several of our projects and client proposals. We also utilize the power of SDN in our projects, which you can read more about below.

If you are new to software-defined networking (SDN), read our in-depth post on What is SDN? provides SDN support and SDN implementation for existing projects, or you can contact us for a custom solution.

Accelerate NFV & SDN solutions for a dynamic computing environment, focused on:

  • A network is no longer only a collection of cables and devices
  • Our task is to replace as much hardware as we can with software
  • A software-defined network can be set up and managed remotely

What is a Software-Defined Network (SDN)

A large number of devices connected to the Internet necessarily cause heavy traffic. Therefore, dynamic optimization is important. The main principle of SDN is, that a network no longer relies heavily on hardware: we try to replace as many devices as possible, with software. The main advantage is automation.

The customer does not need to send an employee to configure a physical device or replace any hardware. This can all be easily done through an application, which will configure all the devices in the network so that they can fulfill the new requirements. And many more actions can be done with an SDN network.

Our aim is for the user to be able to tell the network which activities to anticipate, for it to adapt to the user’s needs. Network virtualization is the future.

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