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Even though nights are getting longer, our experts ain’t getting any sleepier – let us introduce you to the newest release of – 17! has been one of the largest contributors to the OpenDaylight code for several years – hence we were eager to implement the latest changes from the Chlorine SR2 release.

Come have a look at what we have achieved and how we have been doing since the launch of the previous version.

Certified CNF

Starting with the latest and greatest news – two of our apps:

have been officially certified as Certified CNFs, issued by the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation.

New Features

Every major release deserves some new features to go along with it. 17 is not far behind and introduces a couple of them:

  • Keeping up with OpenDaylight Chlorine SR2 release
  • Open-source the lighty-guice-app example
    • Our team has open-sourced a previously unavailable example, which allows to work with the Google Guice framework, based on Java
  • New RNC app cluster GitHub workflow test
  • Add configuration for basic authorization to AAA
  • Reusable workflow for App test jobs
  • Replace reload4j with log4j2

Improvements & Security Fixes

Among the new features are improvements and security fixes, which our team was working on to make the experience better, faster and safer for everyone to use:

  • Replaced javax with jakarta
  • Changed ODL compatibility release in documentation
  • Fix reported CVE-2020-36518 & CVE-2022-2048 issues
  • Fixed the vulnerabilities reported from previous version

Learn about other tools below

We have already mentioned the 2 of our apps above ( RESTCONF-NETCONF App & gNMI App). But that’s not the end! Let us introduce you to some more apps: YANG Validator

By using the framework, our customers are able to create, validate and visualize the YANG data models of their application. NETCONF Simulator

Need to simulate hundreds of NETCONF devices for development purposes? Look no further! With NETCONF Simulator based on 17 core, you are able to simulate any NETCONF device and test its compatibility with your use-case.

[Release] And generally speaking of releases, there has been a new version of NETCONF Simulator 17 released too! Click here for all the delivered changes.


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