in 2020 2020: A Look Back

Join us in reminiscing and reminding you, what has managed to create, participate in, or inform about in 2020.


In the first quarter of the year, we have made our latest project,, accessible to the public. Cloud-native functions were long overdue in our portfolio and let me tell you – there are lots of them, ready to be deployed anytime. Check out the list of available CNFs or ask us about them.

We have prepared a series of videos, centered around our CNFs, which you can conveniently view here:

Perhaps you like to read more than hear someone explain things to you? We wrote a few posts on:

Integration Scenarios

Apart from our in-house solutions, we have worked on demonstrating several scenarios with common technologies behind them: ServiceNow® & Cisco’s Network Services Orchestrator.

In terms of ServiceNow®, our posts centered around:

Cisco’s NSO got a nearly all-inclusive treatment, thanks to Samuel Kontriš, with a defacto NSO Guide on:

This includes two videos about the Network Service Orchestrator:

Open-Source Software Releases

We have made several projects available on our GitHub, which we regularly maintain and update. What stole the spotlight was the NETCONF Device Simulator & Monitoring Tool, which you can download here. has also been active in adding new features to existing open-source projects, such as:, our open-source passion project, celebrated its 13th release, which also included a separate post highlighting improvements and changes. 

Thoughts, Opinions & Information

Since we did not want to exclude people who might not be that knowledgable about what we do, we have created a few series on technologies and concepts is engaged in, such as:

We try to listen closely to what Robert Varga, the top-single contributor to the OpenDaylight source-code, has to say about OpenDaylight. That allowed us to publish opinion/informative pieces like:

Step into a new decade

We would like to thank everybody who does their part in working and contributing to projects in, but open-source projects as well. 2020 was challenging, to say the least, but pulling together, makes us stronger – together.

Happy holidays and new years to our colleagues, partners, and readers – from

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