OTKD, PANTHEON.tech running team covered 345 km in 33,5 hours.

PANTHEON.tech running team participated at From Tatry To Danube Run 2018 The relay run named From Tatry To Danube (FTTD) is 345 kilometers long run and may comprise a maximum of 12 runners per team. This year 214 teams had taken part. PANTHEON.tech running team took part in this adventure with our 12 runners who had to cover 345 kilometers in less than 36 hours. We […]

lighty.io Live Demo at #ONS2018

PANTHEON.tech the Silver sponsor of the Open Networking Summit Europe, will demonstrate how easy it is to build your very own SDN controller using lighty.io. We will show you some cool features of lighty’s components. Come and see the live demo at the #ONS2018 on 27th of September in conference room G110 from 10:30 am […]

The SDN SDK; lighty.io core joins open-source world

PANTHEON.tech, the proven supporter of open-source software and its communities, and leader in Software Defined Networking (SDN) and the OpenDaylight (ODL) platform, decided to open-source the core components of the current go-to SDN controller development kit: lighty.io. Last Open Networking Summit, USA witnessed the announcement of lighty.io. This ONS will be the place where all OpenDaylight users will remember. Today, PANTHEON.tech continues to push […]

Meet Martin Varga, PANTHEON.tech’s #ons2018 attendee

Martin Varga represents PANTHEON.tech as the Technical Business Development Manager and is responsible for the growth of the company’s business portfolio and goal to establish new partnerships. Martin has over two decades of professional experience in marketing, sales management, and international business development fields. He has acquired many titles in his long career, ranging from […]

Meet Robert Varga, PANTHEON.tech’s #ons2018 attendee

Robert Varga is PANTHEON.tech’s  Chief Technology Officer who has almost two decades of Information Technology Industry experience ranging from being a C code monkey, through various roles in telecommunications’ IT operations to architecting bleeding edge software platforms. Robert has a deep expertise in Software Defined Networking, its applications and the OpenDaylight platform. Within those decades, some of […]

The SDN SDK; lighty.io core news

PANTHEON.tech, the proven supporter of open-source software and its communities, and the leader in Software Defined Networking (SDN) and the OpenDaylight (ODL) platform had announced the development of lighty.io in the last Open Networking Summit, USA. Since then PANTHEON.tech’s initiative had received a great positive feedback. Such as but not limited to: how the lighty.io eased their SDN controller […]

Meet Štefan Kobza, PANTHEON.tech’s #ons2018 attendee

Štefan Kobza is Chief Operation Officer at PANTHEON.tech with almost two decades of professional Information Technology industry experience. He had started his career as a software developer and built his way up. Štefan has worked on different projects ranging from developing proprietary code for major networking vendors to rating and billing services mainly in computer networking and telecommunication industries. All […]

PANTHEON.tech has released lighty.io 9.0 and it is fully compatible with OpenDaylight Fluorine

PANTHEON.tech is proud to announce the release of lighty.io 9.0 following the official  OpenDaylight Fluorine release. lighty.io has been adapted to reflect the latest upstream changes and made fully compatible with. Check out our latest lighty.io release on our GitHub account. Here are some noteworthy improvements what OpenDaylight Fluorine established:  Yangtools cleanup and refactoring.  Streamlined generated Yang module APIs.  Improved Java bindings.  NETCONF and RESTCONF improvements. […]

Meet Juraj Veverka, PANTHEON.tech’s #ons2018 attendee

Juraj Veverka is PANTHEON.tech’s Technical Leader and Solution Design Architect who has over 15 years of technical experience. Juraj has a deep expertise in design and implementation of Software Defined Networking applications using the OpenDaylight platform. Some of the technologies he uses from his toolbox are Java, Python, JEE7, SpringBoot, GRPC, OpenDaylight, ONAP, Yang, Netconf, […]

Meet Miroslav Miklus, PANTHEON.tech’s #ons2018 attendee

Miroslav Mikluš is the vice president of engineering department at PANTHEON.tech. Since he has had graduated from Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Miroslav had almost two decades of Information Technologies experience mainly in the Slovak Republic tech companies with titles as Director of Engineering, Head of Information Technology Services division, Senior Technical Leader, etc. He […]

PANTHEON.tech will be at #ons2018 with experts in the field

PANTHEON.tech is a SILVER sponsor at #ons2018 with the experts in the field. Computer networking community across the ecosystem will get together once again to create new sparks of the ever-growing SDN fire. This is the first time the semiannual event will take place outside North America in the past seven years. Find PANTHEON.tech at the Open Networking Summit in Amsterdam on […]

Press Release for #ONS2018

Pantheon Technologies is looking forward to showcasing the latest software developments at #ONS2018 From one summit to another. We will be at the Open Networking Summit in Amsterdam on 25-27 September. Come and find us in the event to talk over a cup of coffee about the exciting improvements.   We have been working hard […]

Rapid NETCONF controller integration testing

Full NETCONF/RESTCONF controller integration test under 12s! Can your SDN controller do that? With lighty.io you can. Just like in a high performance sport cars world, the drag race is used to set winners and losers apart. Faster is better, it is as simple as that. In SDN business, you have to test and re-test […]

Membership in Canadian Chamber of Commerce

We are more than happy to announce that #PANTHEOtech have joined forces with @CdnChamberofCom! We believe that this membership in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce will assist us in our future business and cultural activities. Canada here we come! Basic activities of Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) are support of business activities between Canada and […]

The SDN SDK – lighty.io

Pantheon Technologies has recently developed the SDN SDK – lighty.io. We have designed lighty.io to empower you to develop Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions in JAVA, Python and Go. lighty.io aims to make ODL components available outside Karaf to gain speed, flexibility and scalability for developers and users. It also contains new southbound plugins, which […]