Rapid NETCONF controller integration testing

Full NETCONF/RESTCONF controller integration test under 12s! Can your SDN controller do that? With lighty.io you can. Just like in a high performance sport cars world, the drag race is used to set winners and losers apart. Faster is better, it is as simple as that. In SDN business, you have to test and re-test […]

Membership in Canadian Chamber of Commerce

We are more than happy to announce that #PANTHEOtech have joined forces with @CdnChamberofCom! We believe that this membership in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce will assist us in our future business and cultural activities. Canada here we come! Basic activities of Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) are support of business activities between Canada and […]

The SDN SDK – lighty.io

Pantheon Technologies has recently developed the SDN SDK – lighty.io. We have designed lighty.io to empower you to develop Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions in JAVA, Python and Go. lighty.io aims to make ODL components available outside Karaf to gain speed, flexibility and scalability for developers and users. It also contains new southbound plugins, which […]