OpenDaylight is one of the most important open source projects at the moment in data communication. ODL presents a revolution in network technologies for the new and evergrowing needs in data communication, and for the Internet of the future. The aim is to create a platform suitable for implementing SDN and NFV, while keeping them open source, so that the technology used in future will allow for reliable and comfortable data communication. This dictates the way the Internet will be working on the global level.

Technically, the ODL controller is a wide platform for implementing SDN. It stands in the middle between network devices and SDN applications. In the higer logic it communicates with the SDN/NFV devices. These define a virtual network, through which ODL configures, manages, and programs real devices in the lower logic. The basis for ODL is platform for developing these applications, while aplications used in SDN are already also a part of the package. The current version of ODL supports Netconf/Young, Opnflow, BGP-LS, and PCEP protocols.

The aim is to implement a new version every half a year.

The second version is called Helium, the third Lithium, then Beryllium, and so on throughout the whole periodic table.

We have been designing and coding the ODL controller for several years now and very actively still contribute to the project.

In the area of SDN/ODL/NFV we provide our customers with following services:

  • Development and Consultancy Services in SDN and ODL in particular
  • Customized development and testing of applications built using ODL architecture


Currently, ODL is probably the largest network project in the world. It is well under way, there is a large open source community working on it, consisting of 48 companies under the supervision of Linux Foundation. Amongst the creators we can find world-wide players, such as Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, IBM, Dell, HP, redhat, Microsoft, and many others. Pantheon has a large share on the whole project, in fact, after the second version, it was the second largest contributor.

Internet Society

Internet Society is an international organization, whose members are institutions and individuals who actively support open development, research, and use of Internet for the benefit of all people in the world. We are happy to declare that Pantheon Technologies is a member of this prestigious organization on the Professional Memeber level. The organization is directed by a board of directors, and its goal to keep the Internet open, transparent, and defined by the user.

Internet Society is the representation of world-wide respected, independent, leading role in the Internet politics, technological standards, and future development. As well as working on improving the technology, it mainly focuses on securing the growth of Internet and its development as a platform for inovations, industrial growth, and social advancement for people all over the world.

internet society
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